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Do you know the top signs of a relationship focused person?
By now you may have noticed that as you are dating, not every single person is truly seeking a serious, committed relationship. Just know that *some people have more capacity to be in relationship than others*.

And, if you are dating with a desire to have a long term committed relationship, how can you recognize someone as being motivated to having a committed relationship that would lead to marriage?

There is a certain characteristics of a person who is commitment focused. I’d like to share my *top signs of a relationship focused person*:

1. They want to see you and spend time with you – consistently!

2. You can count of them. They follow through on what they say.

3. They want to include you in their social and family

events/activities. They want to introduce you to their kids or parents.

4. They want to make plans with you in advance for dates. No wondering

when you are going to see them next!

5. They share their future plans that include you – travel plans and may

even blurt out “When we get married…” or “When we live together..”.

6. They tend to be in serial relationships and are not on their own, out

of a relationship for long stretches of time. (unless they have children or

other major care responsibilities).