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Energy Flows Where Attention Goes!

Thank You to everyone who joined the National Women’s Health Week initiative!

A group of WBIS colleagues participated in a program encouraging women to remain positive about their health & wellness goals. Women checked in with one another daily for 7 days making a commitment to implement PEP(Personal EmpowerHER Plan). In our private community, we posted photos of activities accomplished, healthy meals prepared during the week, etc. and connected for evening accountability check-in to discuss challenges we were facing during the week.

I am so passionate about fitness but sometimes struggle in this area just like others. My struggle often comes from trying to fit in exercise along with everything else that is going on in my life. I believe that women should make fitness a focus priority.

Believe me, I know that it’s not easy with all the different roles that women have. However, what you do daily determines what you become permanently. I made a decision to treat my body well no matter what because when I do I’m operate at my peak. I firmly said that I’m the boss of my body and am going to treat it exceptionally well.