about sheila

A few facts you should know about sheila

Sheila Dixon is a small business advisor, helping small to medium sized businesses optimize their strategic planning , marketing processes and IT  Cloud & Infrastructure goals. She works with business owners one on one to develop the right strategy to meet their business goals. Once the goals have been established she will work with teams to translate that strategy into an actionable plan. Additionally, Sheila offers business planning workshops with particular emphasis on marketing techniques that will engage customers, and earn new and repeat business.

Sheila served in Operations Management at national retail brands, helping to turn around unprofitable stores through training and procedure optimization. She shifted gears and worked with Senior Management, to focus on analytical and tactical planning from the buying side. Sheila was responsible for development processes and training for buyers, focusing on consumer decisions and distribution.

Sheila loves community involvement, immersing herself in it through grassroots non-profit organizations. She develops and implements corporate strategy to produce advocacy relationships in the community. Sheila created the WBIS NetGIVING Foundation, a Donor Advised Fund of United Charitable , a 501(c)(3), 509(a)(1) public charity (Tax ID# 20-4286082) to satisfy the social responsibility of her own business, giving women scholarships for training and business consulting that they could not otherwise afford.

Sheila is a Certified Authorized Local Expert with Constant Contact and hosts a self-paced e-Learning center for professionals to develop their professional skill sets. She loves strategic marketing and remains active with the American Marketing Association. She has served on various committees for local Chamber of Commerce organizations and has written a book, The Marketing Mission, detailing tips for entrepreneurs in the beginning phase of business development.

She often shares her story with others who have made the decision to focus on raising their children first and secondly, to develop a sustainable lifestyle business that is unique to their strengths. If you have followed Sheila’s story, you understand she is committed to helping families thrive in the community through her volunteer work, place of fellowship and the events she holds for women entrepreneurs.

She understands struggles of the heart and the art of creating a sustainable business for financial contributions to the family. Sheila has endured many life changing experiences and continues to STAND STRONG for mankind, noting her as a navigating leader in her circles of influence.

She resides in Chantilly Virginia with her husband, three sons and holds a belt in Shotokan karate.

The biggest challenges Sheila helps business owners navigate are:

  • Business Growth Strategies

  • Organizational Development

  • Community Engagement

Her direct clients include:

  • Medical Professionals

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Micro Business Owners

  • Non-Profit Organizations